Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jumping Through Hoops for Hockey

A wanted to play hockey for one of the local high schools, which under normal circumstances should have been pretty straightforward, but our lives are anything but normal. First off, we don't really have a true local high school, so we have to choose from a number of schools in the area. She is also taking classes at another school part time, and won't be taking any classes at the school where she wants to play hockey. Being homeschooled adds a little bit more fun to the mix.

The simplest scenario would have been to enroll her in the school in question and then signing up to play for their team would have been almost automatic. The second easiest scenario would have been to simply school at home and only play sports at the school in question, a path that some of friends take, but we never do things the easy way, do we? I've been in constant contact with the athletic director JW and he's been very cool and helpful, though he's dealing with unfamiliar ground, as well. The first step was to talk to the school governing board and they seemed okay with it. Then we had to clear it with the high school that is closest to us, which wasn't a big problem because they don't have a hockey team. Then there was the issue of taking classes at one school and playing at another.

Since we're not taking classes at the school in question, we are out of the loop in terms of deadlines and scheduling, so you can imagine my surprise when the coach said he had his team roster set up and A's name wasn't on it. I didn't realize I actually needed to register her for the team, foolishly thinking that it would somehow magically happen automatically. Even after I got her name into the system, there is the lingering potential issue of the team being too big. I just can't seem to escape this sense of discomfort and uncertainty.

As of today, all of our ducks are in a row, but until that first puck is dropped and she is on the ice, I will not be able to rest easy regarding this matter.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Joel for the pic.

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