Thursday, November 3, 2016

Coat Hanger Heist

This is an amazingly minor thing but an awkward situation nonetheless: I was doing laundry the other day at the laundromat and this guy stole my hangers and I caught him. I think the fact that I caught him made it really uncomfortable. I wash my catering clothes at the laundromat because if I do a quick dryer cycle it not only reduces the wrinkles but it helps to remove the lint. I never iron my clothes so this is a necessary step. The clothes are all black so as you can imagine lint is a problem. After they dry (about 5-6 minutes) I immediately put them on hangers and let them air dry for the rest of the drying process. While they are in the wash I just leave the hangers on the washer. I mean really, they're just hangers, right? Then I drive back home to continue whatever other jobs I need to finish, like cooking meals or washing the dishes.

The other day when I returned the laundromat, I noticed my hangers were gone. There was a guy folding laundry and I asked him if he'd seen my them (3 of them) and he said he had them and thought someone had discarded them. He then walked to his car, took his shirts off the hangers, and gave them back to me. It was a little weird, though to his credit, he fessed up and returned them. I even told him he could keep them if he needed them because hangers are not only cheap, but you can often find them lying around in random places, as was apparent given the current circumstances. The hangers were on top of my chosen washer so he could have probably deduced that they belonged to someone.

Either way, I got my hangers back, it was a weird experience but kind of funny and wierd at the same time. The next time I'll leave them in the car. How's that for a plan?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to miserablespice for the pic.

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