Monday, November 14, 2016

Journey of Discovery

This hockey season is turning out to be much different than I had ever imagined, and while at first glance there was disappointment (and maybe a little anger and disillusionment) for yours truly, I'm finding that there are some good life lessons, as well. Isn't that how things always work out? While it's still a bit of a bitter pill for me, and it didn't help coming on the heals of this crazy election, it's good to remind myself that complaining and being angry don't help the situation. And of course it begs the question, am I in any position to complain? Maybe, but again, it's not constructive use of my time.

As long as N is happy, then any perceived injustices on my part should not be the focus. Time to move on, just like in the election. One by-product of the current situation is that I have been forced to more involved with the team rather than just being an observer. I think N has also taken a larger role as a leader. Both of these are good things because it's become a true test of character on my part. N is just happy to be playing and having fun. As a neurotic dad in the throes of modern parenting, why can't that be enough?

The answer is simple: I need something to be neurotic about.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ronald Rigdon for the pic.

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