Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fitness Plan

Call it an age thing, or maybe just taking myself a little too seriously, but I've been trying to stay in shape so when I play hockey it's not so painful. For the first couple of games I failed miserably and I thought I was going to die. When I played two years ago I just suffered through it and by the middle of the season I was in decent shape. Hockey is a physically demanding sport, and eventually your body adjusts to the demands, but I play only one day a week, and I feel like I could be doing more.

This really came to light in my second game this season. I was coming off feeling pretty good my first game and I thought this season was going to be better than I thought, and then my cockiness came back to haunt me because I was a mess - I was sucking air big time and I could barely skate. Just to rub salt in the wound, my son had dryland practice during this time so he was watching me and told me how bad I looked. Nothing like kids to tell call it like they see it. I'm guessing he was a little embarrassed because he was surrounded by his teammates. 

Not that I really care what my kids say, because let's face it, no matter how hard you try, your kids will always think you're a big dork. If anything, that's sort of how it should be, don't you think? As long as they do it respectfully. There are a lot of parents, and the hockey world is chock full of them, who go out of their way to impress their kids, and at some point you have to laugh at them and realize that their trying to cling to the past. You have to let it go and remind yourself you're not a kid anymore. If anything, trying so hard to be a rock star is embarrassing, and I feel a little sorry for them. Trying to impress a bunch of adolescent boys and girls is a little sad, if not pathetic, but what do I know?

Anyway, I decided to try to stay in shape. It used to be easy over summer because we played ultimate frisbee and went trail riding regularly. Now we're golfers and still ride a bit, but UF is a thing of the past. We've been having a warm winter thus far so I've been doing the power ride, and I set up a little exercise area in the barn. I've been pretty into it, but we'll see how long this lasts. At the very least I'm finally making good use of the jump rope that mom complains about because she thinks I never use it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Andrew Malone for the pic.

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