Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Warm Up

With all the insanity going on with the elections it's been hard to focus on the things that matter the most, namely our daily lives. It's funny how you can become so obsessed about something and lose sight of the tasks at hand, but I guess distractions are the way we stop thinking about what's important in our own lives and instead focus on things that matter less.

Either way, the election is over and the people have spoken. Time to get on with our lives. On that front, there is still plenty to do. We had a stretch of cold days in October and I was starting to think winter was going to hit us fast and early, but Mother Nature seems to have softened her stand a bit. In fact, it's a downright balmy 50 degrees outside, so there's time to finish the last of the yard work and cruise into winter.

The firewood is split and stacked, but I managed to get year 2 covered and ready for burning, if necessary. Hopefully this won't be necessary. The yard is covered with leaves so there is a lot of raking to be done, which is a job that I might employ the kids to assist me in since it is my least favorite chore. I've prepared the chainsaw for storage but still need to work on the lawnmower and weed whacker. I also finally scored a bag of hemlock mulch (I need acidic mulch) and will cover the blueberries for the winter. I'll tell you, blueberries are high maintenance plants. Then I think we're in good shape and can focus on skiing, hockey, and trying to stay warm, though not in that order.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Masahiro Shoda for the pic.

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