Friday, October 23, 2009

Bike Care and Boloco Mania

I've been having bike issues, and have had to face the fact that I'm not man enough to fix them. Chalk it up to ignorance of lack of time, but there are clearly issues with the kids' bikes, and I felt bad because they really love riding them. It got to the point where A&N didn't want to ride them anymore because it was a little difficult. How heartbreaking is that?

The issues at hand were the breaks and the gears. For whatever reason, A's gears weren't shifting, and N's breaks weren't working. I tried turning screws and loosening nuts, but to no avail. Our good friend ED is a bike whiz, but he's busy, and they spend a lot of time away taking care of family, so I couldn't hold him up to fixing it, and getting to a bike shop meant a trip into the big city, along with the traffic and aggravation.

Enter Paradise Sports in Windsor. A top notch bike shop about a mile from here, and it's not hardcore like Omer and Bobs so I feel like a total loser when I go in. Omer and Bob's is a state of the art store, for the hardcore cyclist, but they are intimidating, and not always warm and fuzzy. The people who go in there know what they're doing. It's not unlike going to LaValley's. You'll get the best equipment, but no hugs allowed. I need hugs.

The beauty of Paradise Sports is that they are really cool and friendly, but don't compromise on quality and service. They really know their stuff, but don't make you feel stupid. I've been in Omer and Bob's in the bike repair section and stood there for ten minutes without so much as a nod from the repair guys. Talk about feeling like an idiot.

Anyway, the guys at Paradise were cool, and I didn't feel like they took advantage of my ignorance. In fact, they even gave me a detailed breakdown of what they did, and best of all, the bikes are now in good working condition. There are still issues, I don't deny that, but we've come along way. Nice to have a reliable bike shop nearby.

All that's left to do is remove those darn decals. That, however, will be a subject for another time.

Also wanted to mention that the other night we went to dinner at Boloco's and the guys were really cool. They informed us of our club benefits (free food!) and even gave us some recommendations. You gotta love that.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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