Friday, October 23, 2009

On the Same Wavelength and More Thursday

We dodged another bullet by being on the same wavelength with DJ. We had a crazy Thursday planned, and were going to have to squeeze in guitar lessons and a 2 hour riding lesson on top of all the stuff we had to do, but it turns out she wanted to reschedule and we could not have been more happy to oblige. She called in the AM, and it was like a ray of sunshine coming through the clouds.

The problem was, as I'd mentioned before, we had a ton of stuff to do. A had a guitar lesson in the AM, and we had to do loads of laundry at the laundromat because we needed the monster washing machines to clean stuff like comforters and sleeping bags. R had to work and then had a Transition Towns meeting that evening, talk about bad timing. We also had to head to the dump to unload recycling, go to the store to get some last minute vittles, and then off to Windsor to pick up the kids' bikes at Paradise Sports. Sometimes it's amazing we pull everything off.

Now we had originally planned on doing the wash that evening, but one thing I've learned since becoming a parent is that you put things off at your own peril. When you choose not to deal with something in the here and now, not only is it much harder to motivate but also circumstances will not allow you to do the things you intended to do, or make it that much harder. With this in mind, as soon as we picked up A at her lesson, I decided the time was now. I carted the kids over the laundromat and literally filled four of the big machines.

The kids actually love going to the laundromat because they get a kick out the front facing machines (I do, too!) and since it's usually empty at that time, they can tear around the place in the laundry carts and nobody cares. Also, they love to help put money in the machines and fold the laundry... well, sometimes. AND, I offered to take them to Stella's, one of our favorite places to eat.

So we loaded up the machines, had a killer lunch at Stella's, who happened to bring back hot dogs on their menu, albeit local and healthy-ish ones. Of course, we had the chocolate cream pie for desert. Once the laundry was done, we loaded up the Explorer with recycling, dealt with that, then back towards the store for food, and then to the bike shop, who'd called the day before to tell us the bikes were ready, then home.

Nice to have the bikes back and hopefully the kids will still be inspired to ride. When my Mentor takes his Explorer back, we may have no choice in the matter.

Anyway, we managed to survive yet another day in paradise. Until the next one, thanks for reading, and thanks to clix for the pic.

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