Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life on the Edge and Goodbye September

One thing about parenthood is that it is a true testament to perseverance and just getting it done. While there are countless classical examples of how a real-man's fortitude can be put to the test, I really don't think being a parent gets the credibility it deserves in this regard. Then again, that's only when you jump in head first and are involved. When you wash your hands of parental responsibility, then it's easy.

Having said that, we made out own choice of living life on the edge and wouldn't do it any other way, but that doesn't necessarily make it any easier. This becomes painfully clear to us on a daily basis. We have been rather busy trying to get it all done, especially now that "school" has started. It's the extracurricular activities that kill you, because everything requires transportation. A is taking a dance class in the big city, which means that we need the car. I go to work in the AM and ride my bike to the bus stop, which is more challenging now that the weather is getting cold and rainy. R meets me with the kids and we switch off.

Since I have the car, I have to get the things I need to get done while I can, which means a trip to LaValley's or Home Depot to get building supplies, then the Coop for food and Stern's for fruits and veggies, then home for lunch and study, though we managed to fit in making whoopie pies - they were a winner. After eating, there are tons of dishes to be done, floors to be cleaned so R doesn't tear me a new one, and then, if I can squeeze it in, an hour or two outside to mow the lawn or tear out siding or other manly activities.

Then, it's off to have fun, though all we do is have fun. Now that A is taking dance, we are wary of N feeling neglected, so we decided to take up racquetball since the dance class is located in the guy, which also houses the racquetball courts. I wasn't sure how N would like it, but he loved it. At least that's what he said, and a true test is when he later on asks when we're going to do it again. I have to confess, it was fun. I'd played racquetball a lot in high school and college, and thought it would be more fun for the kids because it requires less skill and finesse than tennis in order to just have fun. You can hit it as hard as you can, as well, which is a bonus, and it's good practice for tennis in terms of hand-eye coordination. AND, you can play in any sort of weather, with the only caveat (albeit a big one) being you need a racquetball court. Fortunately, Dartmouth has them.

So far, so good. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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