Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Monday was N's birthday, and though I've been busy as heck, shame on me for not reporting on it in a more timely manner, not that he cares one way or another. Whatever be the case, it was a fabulous birthday, on many levels. He turned the big 6.0, and I was just informed by my Mentor that he's old enough to fly, so that may be in our near future, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

N indicated that he wanted a cake with a "monster truck" theme, and that he wanted one of Lou's famous chocolate mousse cakes, which happens to be my favorite cake, hands down, so we were all pretty happy about that. I would say that for the first time, we were reasonably prepared for this occasion. We knew what we needed to get and got them early, thus capitalizing on good deals, i.e., The best way to buy toys if you want good deals, especially if you can manage free shipping.

Mom spent the previous night decorating the house with balloons and stuff, and the next morning the kids woke up thrilled to pieces. It was almost like Christmas. In fact, both A&N were so excited about this day, I think A was even more so, and it wasn't even her birthday. When the day arrived, they were so excited they couldn't eat, and set about opening their presents. N really scored on some winners, compliments of Grandma and Granddad and Auntie and Uncle D&P. They did a fantastic job as usual in choosing thoughtful and fun presents, and best of all, they always think of both kids. In fact, A got a lot of cool stuff, though I think she was a little envious of her brother because he really scored on the cool presents. Then again, it is his birthday, and I think she understood. AND, they always share their stuff, anyway.

After spending the entire morning playing with their new toys, we set off for bowling, which is what he wanted to do. We bowled two games and we all ended up hitting strikes and spares. It was amazing, and you haven't lived until you've watched the kids bowl. It's too cute for words. After bowling we cashed in our game tickets, the ones you win when you play the arcade games, and we ended up with 1000 tickets. Cashing them in the kids got to choose even more gifts.

From there, the kids had pottery class, and mom and the kids had made tiny cupcakes to take to class, which thrilled the other kids. After pottery, we picked the kids up and then we went to Jesse's for dinner. One thing we love about Jesses, one of the many, is that besides being kid-friendly, they do a little song performance for birthdays and give them a sundae, though I they charged us for it this time, which I thought was kind of lame, but I wasn't going to make an issue out of it.

After dinner, we were exhausted, and though the kids wanted to play more with their toys, it was time for bed... for mom and dad, that is.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to J&B and D&P for the wonderful, fun and exciting presents.

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