Thursday, February 6, 2014

Realized What I Was Doing Wrong

In my quest to kick-start my glorious freelance writing career, I have been looking into freelance copywriting opportunities through different avenues. One of them is Flexjobs, which is some sort of matching service that has gotten mixed reviews. I paid $14 and joined for a months.

I was hooked into a few jobs that I thought I was fairly qualified for and got rejected, when I realized that I was doing it all wrong. The site is fairly involved, and I guess there are introductory courses on how to get started, all of which I seemed to have ignored. As a consequence, my profile wasn’t complete, and though I can’t say for sure why I didn’t get certain jobs, it probably didn’t help that I didn’t have all my information on file.

Part of the reason I was motivated to do so was there are definitely jobs out there that look interesting and are realistic possibilities. I’m sort of excited about the prospects, but it’s way too soon to express optimism. Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, I’m getting lots of experience in hunting for jobs. I’m not always sure what to make of it all, but it’s a learning experience, and that’s always a good thing. It keeps the brain running.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Javier Castellano for the pic.

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