Thursday, February 20, 2014

Second Day of Hockey

As much as I love hockey, sometimes I wonder if it’s too much pressure on the kids to win when we have these big tournaments that focus so much on being the best. Does it really matter? The hockey powers seem hypocritical in that they stress having fun and discourage intense competition, and then set up these situations where kids feel disappointed and at times devastated.

Then again, winning and losing are good lessons to learn, and ones they’ll experience throughout their lives, so maybe it’s better to learn them in sports in preparation for when you experience them in life. Whatever be the case, we had a great weekend of hockey, mainly because the outcomes were in our favor. The fact that we are playing again this weekend was completely dependent upon how we did this past weekend, and suffice it to say we did well.

There were 15 teams vying to play in the next round, and they had to whittle that group down to 8. Our odds were decent, but we approached it by wanting to do the best we could, especially in light of how we did all season, which was pretty poorly. In case you’re just tuning in, we lost a majority of our games all season, and it wasn’t until the last quarter that we actually started winning some games. Truth be told, we probably played opponents that were above our level (clearly this was the case), and now the tournament, we are seeded with teams that are more on our level. Maybe having a tough schedule was good in that it prepared us for this situation.

Last weekend was going to be a challenging one because we were playing teams that controlled us all season. We managed to win all of our games and advance, which was really cool. The kids are excited, the parents are excited, and we get to play one more weekend of hockey. Of course, this coming weekend will determine if we make it to the championship game, and I like to think that it’s cool we made it this far and that the outcome doesn’t matter.

I may have to keep reminding myself of this. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Katherine Abrahams for the pic.

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