Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to A

Yesterday was A’s birthday, and as hard as I find it to believe, she’s getting to be such a big girl. Then again, she’s been acting like a big girl for some time, so I shouldn’t be so surprised. Not a bad stretch of days, first a hockey championship, then a birthday celebration.

Since it was a her birthday, we had to wrestle with the annual ritual of her wanting a party and us really not wanting one. It’s hard because I understand her desire to have a bunch of friends over, but I also find it difficult to pull it together, much less entertain a bunch of young ladies. Then again, they don’t really care what’s on the itinerary, as long as they get to hang out and be silly.

Either way, we dropped the ball on this one, though the agenda was not really pushed. A mentioned at one time having a party at the arena, which might have worked out fine, but we sat on it and time ran out. Plus, she did ask for a fairly large present, and we got her that, which I think made up for the lack of a party. Plus, we can always do a sleepover with a few friends at a later date. There is the problem of N feeling left out, as well, but you can’t please everyone.

A asked for a laptop computer, and we got her a decent one. Since we’re a snobbish Mac family, we got her a MacBook Pro, which for the record is much nicer than mine. You can’t even find my computer anymore, they don’t make it, but that’s the scam with hi-tech stuff. They update it continually so you’re outdated within months.

A has an interest in programming music, and you can do it with a decent computer. We figured we would get one that both A and N could use. She for music and movie-making, him for programming and industrial design, or something along the lines of computer science. It’s the wave of the future, right? And it grabs his interest, which is key.

Overall, it was a nice day, despite any disappointment that she may have had. She didn’t express any, though she was well within her rights to. That’s just the way she is, always a good sport, (almost) always with a great attitude.

We made French Toast and bacon for breakfast (I had to run to the store to stock the fridge), and then the kids got to open presents. The kids were stoked, especially A, who spent the better part of the day exploring the MacBook Pro. It’s supposed to be for both of them, so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

We sort of winged it, we didn’t have a plan. There were thoughts of skiing or doing something that night, but there’s not much going on on Monday night. We finally got out to eat Boloco, then home for cake and chilling, which for A meant getting back on the laptop. N and I watched movies, and then we got to be late.

Overall, a quiet and non-eventful birthday, which is just my style.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Droid Gingerbread for the pic.

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