Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Final Summer Track Meet

A had her final track meet a few weeks back up in St. Johnsbury, and I mistakenly thought it was up in St. Albans, which is much further away, near the Canadian border. St. Johnsbury is much closer and more manageable. Plus, it's a nice area, and A really wanted to go to the meet. I originally hinted that I wasn't so into going, but once I realized where it was, I figured it was doable, so we went. Plus, her track buddy wanted her to go up with them, so I was able to get some stuff done at home before heading up... yeah right.

I wasn't too far behind them because I wanted to see her run her events. It wasn't easy finding this place. The town is no problem, it's right off the interstate, but the meet was at St. Johnsbury Academy, which is a big fancy prep school that resembles a college campus. Finding the track was a bit of an adventure, and there seems to be all sorts of construction going on.

I found it and ended up parking a mile away. By the time I got there, A was just starting one of her events, so I got to see her compete. As it turns out, I was able to watch all of her events, so my timing worked out well. It was hot but they had a tent and it wasn't so bad watching. A has fun with her track buddies, and she does well in her respective events. She finished well before the end of the meet, but apparently the coaches were having some sort of fun relay race and everyone wanted to watch, so we stayed until the brutal end. We usually end up staying until the very end because she runs the relay, which are the final events. They didn't have a relay team this time around, but again, they wanted to watch their coaches run, so we ended up staying.

I gave A and her buddy a ride, and we ended up at home in the late afternoon. I tell you, track is rougher on our time than hockey, but it's outdoors and the kids have a lot of fun. It's actually quite a scene for the boys and girls, so there's a lot going on out there besides track. Scary thought.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Sangudo for the pic.

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