Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shut Out

We went to the big city for a family movie night and got shut out again. This seems to happen to us a lot. There's a movie or event that we want to see, and we get to the ticket window and they're sold out. It feels like New York City all over again, where everything sells out. This is small town America, come on. The movie wasn't even a big commercial event, it was a documentary about bringing fresh water to rural Africa playing at Dartmouth. Then again, when you're competing against the highly educated and progressive suburban yuppie crowd who want their kids to be uber-socially aware, you don't stand a chance. We couldn't get tickets.

The kids had just wrapped up their week at video camp and the weather was beautiful. We figured we'd see the movie, get some supper, and hang out on the green. We ended up doing the latter two, which was fine because as I said, the weather was beautiful. We tossed the frisbee and then ate supper, so it was nice.

We are learning about this movie gig. From now on, if we really want to see the movie, we'll get the tickets beforehand. We should have known this from past experience, but again, we didn't think that many people would even go to see this.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Frank Tiemann for the pic.

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