Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last Busy Weekend?

With LAX coming to an end and track over, I'm hoping this would be our last busy weekend, and believe me, it's been a crazy one. A finished track last week and they had their year-end party, which is always fun, though this year they had some sort of pot-luck in lieu of a BBQ. Kind of a bummer because you can't beat grilled food for a summer get-together, and it ensures that there is enough food. This time around they seemed to run out of food, and we were looking forward to a burger, or at least a hot dog. Plus, I've found that with pot-lucks, you tend to get a lot of sweets, but I shouldn't complain. We managed to get our fill.

A put together a slide show, which was a last minute thing and drove her a little crazy. It wasn't even her idea at first and became a bit of a burden because it took time gather the pictures and put it to music, and since she takes this sort of thing very seriously, she got a little OCD on it, but the end result was a very nice piece of work. During the moments when she was stressing over it I had to remind her it wasn't even her gig and it didn't have to be perfect. I don't think my advice had much effect.

Now with track done there is only LAX to wind down, and that's happening this weekend. N has a big tournament and it takes place on Sat and Sun. It's about 1.5 hours away so it's a lot of driving, and my weekend is pretty shot because I'm in attendance of the games. Sat wasn't so bad because the games were early in the AM, but N also had his final drum corps performance at the Alumni Parade in the next town. His games ended at 11:00AM, then we made the drive back home. We had about an hour to kill so we stopped at assorted snowboard shops along the way and looked for boards for A, but that's a story for another time.

Now as you can imagine N was soaked with sweat after his game, so he changed into his parade uniform and played his drum in the parade. Talk about a busy day, and it was hot on that parade route. Then it was back home to chill out until suppertime, which I was in no mood to make and was saved by the fact that mom had brought home all these leftovers from the African lunch at work. I was so stoked!

For today, Sunday, we had two more games of LAX and then N wanted to be home in time for ultimate frisbee. His games were later which always complicates meals, and we were cutting it close in terms of our return time. Fortunately, his LAX games went early, we got out of there sooner than anticipated and arrived back home around 5:30. That gave us enough time to change, pick up A and her guitar, take him to the UF field and then take A to band practice. I did poster boy work while she played, and then we came home.

Wow, what a day/weekend. I'm looking forward to a little down time but I'm thinking it's not going to happen anytime soon. Once one activity ends, there are others just waiting in the wings. Oh well, that's how you live a full and fruitful life, right?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Scott Ableman for the pic.

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