Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rock Stars

A has been playing a few regular gigs around the area with her band, and it's been a cool experience for her, not to mention her family because we get to be groupies. The model works because the kids have a built in set of fans, namely family and friends, but what a nice way to get support for your art. She has two gigs over the past week, one at the big city middle school, and another in WRJ for First Friday, which was kind of cool.

The middle school gig was a week ago and it was a big deal for the Dojo, sort of their big soiree for the year. Interestingly, there was a good turnout, and though it wasn't quite sold out, a pretty good crowd came out to watch. All of the bands played and they really got into it, and it was a good show. The kids really went all out and I enjoyed the performances, some of which were exemplary. I think a lot of the kids must live in the big city and their supporters came out to watch, which is a great thing.

The next gig was this past weekend in WRJ, where they hold a big outdoor soiree on Friday evenings called First Friday. It's actually a cool thing where the local businesses open late on the first friday of every month (thus the name) and bands from all over the area come and play. There are free snacks and it's a good time. A's band played in a local venue and they had a pretty good turnout because a fair amount of foot traffic passes through. It was also their first gig playing without their leader, TS, who usually plays with all the bands. They did a fine job, though you could tell their were a little apprehensive at first, but eventually the warmed up and jammed.

A fair number of A's buddies showed up to support her, which was very cool, and at some point the second band came and we stayed to watch them. I went over to the closest Chinese take-out and got the kids supper, which worked out well because N's teeth were starting to bother him since it was day 1 with the braces.

All in all a fun evening of music, food, and friends. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Stefano for the pic.

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