Monday, June 29, 2015

Reaching My (minor) Wood Goal

We are slated to take a vacation at some point, and as usual, I have some level of reluctance because there is so much to do around here and the weather has not made it easy to get a good day's work in. Nonetheless, vacations are very important to us and not only do we always have a great time, but it's a really rewarding family experience to travel together. I think more families should do it, be engaged with each other's company, and welcome the quirks and complications that arise, because as one writer succinctly put it, that's when the adventure begins.

That doesn't mean that I can't get things done around here. The key is to set reasonable goals, and I set one with the firewood. Since we dipped into the pile last winter, I needed to replenish that section as well as finish stacking the far end, but there's always a conflict as to what end to attack. I decided to get the replenishing done before any sort of vacation happens, which needed about a cord of wood. This meant cutting the logs and then splitting and stacking them, but I managed to get it done. Yesterday, in fact.

It felt good to finish that section, and the wood pile looks much nicer. It still amazes me how much wood we burn, or for that matter, that I actually cut and split it, but that's what makes me a real-man in training, right? The beauty is, once I get this year's wood done, I get to start in on next year's. It would be very cool, and I mean very cool, if I could year two done by the first snowfall. You never know, stranger things have happened.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Pordeshia for the pic.

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