Thursday, June 25, 2015

Minding Moms Peas and Qs

Something that's been eating away at me is mom's garden plot, where I built a trellis for her peas. Last year we got some dwarf variety that only grew to about 3 feet, but this year I think we got a different type because it seems to keep going. It became obvious that the the structure I built was going to inadequate, so I knew I had to build on it, but how? I realize it's not rocket science, but you want something tall that will hold up the plants, which become heavy over time. I figured rather than sit impotently and sweat about it, I was better off just doing something about it.

I searched the yard and found some long stakes lying around and secured them to the pre-existing ones. I then extended the trellis with some old deer fencing that I had used for our home garden, which is now defunct. Then I tied it all together with twine and voila - suddenly we have a bigger, better trellis. Whether or not it will hold is yet to be seen, but for now, it looks good, and sometimes that's all you can hope for.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Brent Looyenga for the pic.

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