Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Sunshine State

Sorry for my absence, we have been in Florida for the past few days and I have to say it's been quite enjoyable. We are staying in Miami and it is my third time in this state. We stayed up near Daytona Beach a few years back and we had a great time with family, one of the more memorable Thanksgivings that I can recall. This time we're more south and what makes it so interesting is that it's almost like being in a foreign country, but not quite. There is a strong ethnic feel here, both in the people around us and in the local culture, much more than in Daytona. Most of the restaurants and businesses have a Latin influence, though they all pretty much speak English. They are very warm and friendly, and at least where we are staying it's not too touristy. You really get a feel like you're doing what the locals do, and at the very least, eating their food, which has been awesome.

As usual, we are developing a fun routine where we eat a light breakfast, go for a bike ride along the boardwalk, then swim for the rest of the day. First on the beach in the surf, then over to the pool to rinse off. Then we venture off for food, and needless to say, we are avoiding anything with a name in English. It's easy to find really good Cuban food, and since it's local, it's pretty inexpensive and they give you generous portions. I love when that happens.

We are having fun, and the kids get to feel like they're having a real beach vacation. It's really hot, but that makes being in the water all the more enjoyable.

I'll give more details when I have more down time. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Kevin Cantor for the pic.

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