Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Waiting for Insulation

I just want to whine a little (what else is new?) about LaValley's and their delivery service. I guess I can't complain because delivery is free, but I burned my whole day waiting for them to bring over this rigid board that I ordered and I could have gotten some other things done. Then again, maybe I need to lighten up and just slow things down... nah. I ordered a load of rigid board in order to finish insulating the barn, and it came as a stack of 4X8 boards, so they are way too big to fit in the Fit. LaValley's offers free delivery for anything over $100, which is cool, but then you have to sit and wait. I'm fine with that, but I asked for a rough idea of when it would arrive and they said sometime in the late morning. Fair enough.

It was pouring all day so I couldn't do much in the yard and I didn't want to leave the insulation outside in the yard. I was going to go out and do poster boy work and do some preparation for the market, but I had to stay put for when the guy arrived because I didn't want to leave it to mom to have to deal with the delivery and then move the stuff into the barn. The situation would have been fine if I could have worked outside, cutting wood or grass. Whatever be the case, the delivery didn't show up until the afternoon, which was a bummer, but what are you going to do? The guy was really nice, so I couldn't be mad with him, and it wasn't his fault. Plus, he helped me carry the bundles into the barn and away from the rain.

I managed to get a little done in the basement chopping kindling, but I would have been happier getting some poster and market stuff done. Oh well, sometimes these things happen when you're training to be a real man.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Dineshraj Goomany for the pic.

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