Friday, July 10, 2015

First Ride

We went on our first and only trail ride a couple of weeks back, and it was fun, but things sure have changed. It's really lame but our favorite riding spot, Ascutney Trails, has met with some adversity. The trails are amazing and cover a huge amount of territory on the ski hill, which no longer functions as a ski hill for assorted reasons. The trail group does a great job of maintaining the grounds, and the hill is challenging and extensive. You can't beat it. Apparently over the summer there was some discord among the town trustees, and one of the landowners was offended to the point that he not only quit the board, but he closed down the section of the trails that he owned. I don't know what percentage of the total trails this involves, but I do know it is an important section that we often use because it's in the early part of the ride and one we frequent and favor. What a bummer. There are signs all over the place now that say "no trespassing." We rode around them this time, but a friend told us that we'd probably be better off taking heed of them, so we'll consider that next time,

We had a fun ride nonetheless, it was a beautiful day, and we rode for a couple of hours. N got to break in his new bike, which shreds, and we initiated the riding season, but there's a bit of dark cloud over it because of the town strife. We will continue to ride the trails, it's a bummer but not the end of the world, but we'll probably investigate other options this summer, which is not a bad thing.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Shirley for the pic.

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