Sunday, July 19, 2015

DG in Barre

A attended a big rock concert last week (more on this later) and N and I had the day to ourselves, so we decided to make the trek to Barre to do some disc golfing. There are some killer MTB trails up there, as well, but we didn't want to get too ambitious the first time around, though in retrospect, it's a bit of jaunt and doing MTV and DG would make it more worthwhile.

The day turned out to be beautiful, and the DG course was amazing. They really did a nice job in setting it up, and we had a great time. 18 holes takes a bit of time, and we had to be back by in time to play UF. I ended up losing my driver in a granite quarry, for which Barre is famous for, but N assured me that it was not one of is favorites and it was not a big loss. For the record, we had obtained that one for free from the discard pile at the Rec Center.

We saw a few MTB riders on the trails and sort of wished we'd had our bikes, but that's good to know the next time. After DG, we had to find some supper and ended up at Hannafords, which wouldn't have been my first choice until we learned that they had a hot wings bar. Several different types of wings with different sauces to go with them. What a great idea. We piled up all sorts of finger foods and ate our supper on the ride home. Since it takes a little over an hour to get to Barre, it gave us enough time to eat and digest before our big UF game, which we made it to with time to spare. I love when that happens.

I'll be looking at Hannafords for future dinner options, especially when we want wings. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Captain Arik for the pic.

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