Thursday, August 20, 2015

At Your Service

Last weekend I worked my first catering gig and I have to say, it was somewhat enjoyable. Sure, it was hard work and you're on your feet all day, but it's an interesting group of people and the money is not half-bad. Plus, you get to eat, and the food is killer. Interestingly enough, I actually knew one of the other workers, and another person actually lives in my town. Crazy.

I have a couple of friends who do catering work and they are always telling me it was a good way to make extra money. These past few weeks have been slow on the income front because poster-boy work has dried up until the fall semester and standardized patient work comes around once in a blue moon. We are making money at the farmer's market, but I don't see any of that, and if anything, I am paying out to prepare for it. Add in costs for the kid's activities, and it's a constant financial bleed on someone who can ill afford it.

Realizing that I was going to have to do something to maintain our fabulously opulent lifestyles, I contacted one of the catering companies and they said they were indeed looking for people. In fact, they had a gig within a week or so, so I had to get ready. First thing was to get some clothes, which I accomplished thanks to the Listen Center. Then, last weekend I worked my first catering gig. It was a wedding way out in the country, and I have to say, it wasn't too bad. I was a little nervous as I always am with new experiences, but the people were cool, and it was reminiscent of doing the market - hard work and a lot of standing and preparing food, but very doable.

I ended up working from about 4:00 until 10:00, and it was raining, too boot, but all in all it went fine. In fact, I would like to do more, but we'll see how that one goes. It was interesting also because I am not a big fan of weddings, but working at one wasn't bad because you avoid all the small talk at the table. In fact, you don't really have to talk to anyone other than they people you're working with. Fine with me.

It was late when we departed, and I got a little lost going home because it was dark as I was leaving and it sure looks different going the other way, but I managed to get home. Plus, I got to take home some killer leftovers, so it's a double win.

As I mentioned, I'd like to do more gigs, but for now, I'm happy I just survived my first one. 

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Eric Felton for the pic.

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Teri Harris said...

I had a stint of waitressing when I was younger and found it exceptionally hard work and not very well paid. The tips were supposed to be good, but I think my tables were all rather miserly. Having said that, the leftovers were great, as you've already identified and a great way to put back the calories burned on the job.

Teri Harris @ Caiger And Co. Catering