Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Look by Listen Center

In the quest to make more money to support our fabulously opulent lifestyles, I have been looking to doing other types of work, and a couple of friends mentioned doing catering. I had never really considered it but am more than willing to do it. I think I can handle working people, even serving them. I obtained a few contacts and sent out some emails, not sure what to expect, and one got back to me and said they are always looking for extra help. In fact, they had some events lined up and that I should be ready to roll in the coming weeks.

I shouldn't have been surprised because we are knee deep in wedding season in this area, and there are still a couple of good months to go. The only issue I had to contend with was that I need clothes to work the events. They ask that you wear stuff on the nicer side, and that it all be black. Black pants, shirt, and shoes. I own a pair of black jeans, but I think they are looking for something a little more formal, so in the quest for said clothes, all roads led to my favorite place to shop - the Listen Center.

With the exception of a black t-shirt, black clothes are not things I would normally wear, so I didn't want to go all out and get new stuff. Plus, I'm not really into buying new clothes, anyway. For all of these reasons and more, Listen is perfect. They key to making it work is to start early and go back frequently until you've found what it is you're looking for. While there are no guarantees, I've had decent luck finding what I want, and this time it worked out beautifully. I found two pairs of pants that cost a whopping 10 cents each, if you can believe that - they were having a sale. The pants are in perfect shape and are brand names, i.e., LL Bean, etc. I ended up getting two because one was a little small in the waist but I figured I wasn't in a position to be too picky, and when I went back the next week, I found a pair that fit better. I figured for 10 cents, why not? I also got a couple of shirts for about $1.50, and I have a black polo shirt that JR gave me, so I'm all set.

When I was younger I didn't really give much thought to buying used clothes, but now that I'm older and more frugal, it makes sense, and not just because of the money. Sure, I'm all for saving some cash whenever possible, but when it comes to things like clothes, people are nuts about buying things and ditching them long before their time. I find brand new things at the Listen with their tags still on them. People are compulsive when it comes to shopping, and it's such a waste buying all this new stuff and then replacing it the next week. Buying second hand means saving money (which I'm all for), but also reducing all that waste.

Then again, I could simply be justifying my frugality, but what are you gonna do? Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Caitlin Wilken for the pic.

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