Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pet Care, Inc.

I'm not sure how exactly this transpired (not that I'm complaining), but we, or rather N, has become the go-to guy for pet care for many of our friends. Many of them are happy to pay him for his efforts, and it's been good for him in that he can develop a sense of responsibility and earn some cash, as well. In the past we've done pet care for our neighbors and they're always really nice about giving N some money for the same reasons I mentioned. They are being good people because that's what they are. They watch our cats while we're away and refuse to take any money, but always pay N for his time.

We've also done cat care for our friends up the road, and they usually pay us. I feel bad taking their money, but explained to them that it's nice for the kids to have a job and make money, and they agree with us and seem fine with paying him. Recently they've upped the ante by having chickens, which increases the work load, but again, they're agreeable to paying N for his time, so it works out. Our other friends are going away for a couple of weeks and guess what they have; you got it, chickens. These are our good friends and in the past we've watched their cats for free, but since chickens are involved, they want to pay N for his time, which I think is fine. Finally, our other neighbor is going away and they need someone to feed/watch their cats and do some house-sitting. Say no more, you can call on N for all your pet care needs.

I think N likes having a job, especially since his sister is gainfully employed in various endeavors, some of which pay pretty well. Plus, it's nice to help out our friends and neighbors in their time of need, and if they're willing to compensate him for his time, all the better.

It adds on to our already busy schedules, but that's what happens when you're chasing down the American Dream.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Clint Pearcy for the pic.

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