Sunday, August 9, 2015

Camping Out Under the Blue Moon

The kids were invited for a night over at their buddies house, and it involved camping out in the great outdoors. Talk about fun. Their friend NP wanted them over with a few other friends, and kudos to AMP for holding it all together. Not only did she host a slew of kids, but she had to prepare supper, breakfast the next day, and then entertainment during the following day, which isn't so bad because the kids are pretty self-sufficient... sort of.

It was a busy Friday as usual because was working all day and N and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a trail ride. We hit the Ascutney Trails, which thus far are still the best trails that we've ridden in this area. We rode in the AM and then came home for lunch while I also prepared a dish for the kids to eat for supper. The plan was for me to drop the kids off and then meet mom in the big city to see a movie. It was a tight schedule because the movie started at 7:00, so I was meeting R around 6:30, but we also needed to get a bite to eat. In the interest of frugality and health (probably more of the former), I decided to make something for supper rather than eat out, so I whipped together some goat cheese and roasted red pepper sandwiches and Greek salad. We want to be healthy, as well, plus we always seem to have extra tomatoes and cucumbers from the market.

AMP was kind enough to take the kids earlier than planned, so I dropped them off and drove to the big city. Mom got the movie tickets and we had a little picnic outside before the film started. The weather was beautiful, a great night to be out seeing a movie or camping. The film was actually pretty good, not something I would go out of my way to see, but liked nonetheless. It was called About Elly, and it was an Iranian movie about evolving social norms in Iran. It was pretty popular, as well, though the crowd was noticeably older, like most of the films at the Hop.

As I mentioned, the night was amazing, with a blue moon to boot. I think I read it was the first one in a few years. The kids said it made camping fun because it was so bright outside. The next day the kids hung out at their friends and then went for a swim at the pond. Talk about a busy weekend. By the time they came home the next afternoon, they were exhausted. They had a blast, however, and in the end, that's what it's all about, right?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to lloydd brasenell for the pic.

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