Sunday, January 10, 2016

Here, There, and Everywhere

Our family vacation in the arctic tundra of Quebec was awesome, but ever since our return, we've literally hit the ground running. I've been working evenings, A has school every day, and both kids have hockey practice for most of the week. Sprinkled in there are early morning practices which can be particularly brutal when I have to work well into the evening, sometimes around midnight, and then I have to wake up around 4:00AM to get the fire going and head off the rink. Talk about hardcore, I sure as heck didn't ask for this. Adding to all the fun is my back injury, which not only makes it hard to sleep, but it makes it hard to be awake, as well. I can only find relief in the times in-between.

I shouldn't complain, I'm grateful for the chance to get some work done and make the phat paycheck, but it reminds me that our lives are a little crazy and I wonder why exactly that's the case. It's crazy to think that at one time we did the farmer's market. Work has the fringe benefit of bringing home a treat or two from the various events, so we've been doing okay on the dining front. Also, ski season is almost upon us and we're excited to make the most of the some other perks of my job.

Being busy is not a bad thing, but it does seem to prolong the healing process for my back, which is significant when you heat with wood because every couple of days requires a reasonably strenuous trip out to the woodpile. I will say this - I'm sure glad we split all the wood we'll need for the winter. I'm not sure I have the time to split it, not to mention wield a maul with my condition the way it is.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to archidream for the pic.

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