Monday, January 25, 2016

Looking for a Change

How's this for taking charge of my life? I have been working a lot at the Inn and I'm grateful for the hours but it can be a bit of a drag on several fronts, so I went to the supervisor and asked that I be shifted back to doing more of what I originally was doing, which is working at catered events. When I first applied to the Inn (thank to my Mentor), I indicated that I could do both banquets and conference services (CS), not really knowing that they were different gigs. I figured that you worked at the Inn and that was pretty much it. I've learned that, like all things in life, things are not always as they seem.

Since I began during the busy season, they really needed people to help out at special events, particularly weddings, so I jumped right in and went to work. It was fun, the people are cool, the supervisor is cool, and the pay is good. It's also fun working weddings because I don't actually have to engage in disingenuous conversations with people but I get to be in the moment. I was also working mornings at breakfast events and figured it was more of the same, but it was actually CS that was employing me at those events. Over time, as the big wedding events dwindled, I was shunted to CS, which was fine because it was still steady work. Banquets still had events here and there, but my availability was limited with school and hockey.

CS has been fine and I appreciate the hours, but the timing can be a challenge. In all fairness, they have been very cool and accommodating and let me come in when I can, but one of the challenges is working late. It's hard enought working all day with other PT jobs and family life, then heading back into work in the evening, but what really makes it a challenge is working past midnight, and I usually leave before the other guys. I'm not sure how long I can sustain this. It not only is a total downer, but it completely disrupts our family time, not to mention movie time with mom. You really have to weigh the cost and benefit of the situation. Plus, with CS, it's a completely different beast and the energy level is not the same. I've heard it described as a marathon, not a sprint. I think I'm more of a sprinting kind of guy.

Whatever be the case, I think CS work will slow down in the coming month, and I'm looking forward to getting my evenings back. At the very least I hope to get more sleep, which is big when you have to wake up at 4:00AM to get to hockey practice. I'm also hoping to get back into working in a more energized environment, but we'll see where that goes. I've learned that it's not good to talk about change before it happens. Better just to shut up and make it happen.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to walterlegat for the pic.

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