Thursday, January 28, 2016

So Far So Good

A has finished the first semester of her new school plan and so far, so good. She's doing well in her classes at school and we are plugging along at home. I get a sense that her teachers have a positive impression of her thus far. Art is really clicking for her and she really enjoys it and jives with her teacher. She's doing well in science though like many subjects in school, it's hard to maintain perspective when you're learning stuff that many college students can't even grasp. I wonder why exactly she has to learn about thermodynamics, and in the end, what exactly does it mean to her. I learned this stuff in college, and for kids at this age, it doesn't have much meaning. It's all about memorizing abstract concepts and random facts. Finally, her advisor for her independent project had nice things to say, telling her that her work this semester has set the bar high for the second half of her project. I'll take that as positive feedback.

Now that we're going into the second part of the year, I think I have a clearer vision of what direction we will go in and what we need to do. This applies mainly to civics and history, the big thorn in my side. Then again, I'm trying to develop a more positive attitude about things, so let's not think of it as a thorn.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to hanenashi for the pic.

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