Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dancing Without Mom or Dad

Since we exited our hockey tournament early, we came home a night early and I was pretty stoked about that. There's something great about sleeping in your own bed in your own home, with your own family. You just can't beat it. We were also exhausted because that morning we had a 7:00AM game, which meant getting up around 5:30AM and playing hockey all day. I didn't even play and I was gassed, never mind N having played two intense games.

Either way, we got home early and A was heading off to the big town dance with her buddies. It was fairly early in the evening and we asked N if he wanted to go, as well, figuring he'd say no after a long and tiring weekend. Plus, it was a last minute thing. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when he said he did want to go, though that set my neurotic gears in motion - did he want me to go and keep him company? Was okay going alone? Should we tell the girls to wait for him? I even went as far as to say that I'd hide out in the basement, where the food was, while he was upstairs on the dance floor.

I'm pleased to say that he not only was comfortable going in alone, but that he didn't really want me there in any capacity. Wow, our boy is growing up. I know from my own POV it ain't easy going to a dance, but to go in alone is even tougher. Granted, his sister and his friends were going to show up within minutes, and he would know plenty of people, but even still, big social situations are not always so easy to deal with, especially when there are hot girls all around wanting to dance with you.

So he put a nice shirt on (he looked really handsome) and I took him over. We knew the women at the door and they said his sister and friends had not arrived yet, so I asked N what he wanted to do, and he promptly informed me that he would go inside and I could leave. How cool is that? Of course I couldn't leave it at that and waited outsid to see his sister, who arrived within 5 minutes. I asked her to just keep an eye on him and she informed me that I was being crazy and neurotic and that N was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Try explaining that to a neurotic dad with OCD.

The plan was for them to call us when they were ready to come home, and I told N that if at any point he was bored or uncomfortable to call us and we'd come and get him. Needless to say, he never called, and they stayed until the last song, which I took to mean they had fun. They called late in the evening and mom went to pick them up. When they got home they raved about what a great time they had. I knew A would have fun, she always does wherever she goes, but with N I'm not always so sure. As he was getting ready for bed I asked him and he said he had a great time. When I asked if there were a lot of hot girls there, I got reprimanded by mom so I never got an answer.

Whatever be the case, I'm proud of him for going for it and getting out of the house. Plus, I can only assume that since he didn't want to come home early he was doing something fun, with lots of other kids, including cute girls his age. What more can you ask for?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to My Name for the pic.

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