Friday, March 25, 2016

Falling Apart

As if I needed another excuse to whine, I went out and managed to hurt my lower back, again. What's a total drag about it is that it's not as if I was out tossing hay bails around or lifting trees. I did it by taking a walk, of all things. Granted, it was a pretty rigorous walk, but if I can't even go for a walk and suffer from it, what the heck can I do? It's actually a walk that mom likes to take and it's pretty vigorous as far as walks go, but again, it's still a walk. The kids often go with her and it goes for about 4 miles, though only about 5% of it is flat. The rest involves very steep hills, and it's a good workout.

The kids were inspired to talk said walk and I decided to go with them, and it was interesting, to say the least. First off, I had to exert my tired-old self to keep up with the kids, they just take off and walk at a brisk pace. Secondly, I had to answer nature's call at some point and then had to run to catch up with them. And finally, the big downhill section can rock your body, especially if you're running down it to catch up with young people. That's exactly where I think I hurt my back, because let's face it, I just can't shake it like I used to.

I managed to keep up with the kids and maintain some semblance of male pride, but in the end, I should have just met them at home and taken it easy. Now I have to suffer for my pride, but maybe that's a fitting price to pay for my machismo. As my Mentor would say, time to see the chiropractor, though from my years of experience with back pain, I don't think this will be a long term thing... I hope.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to supulido62 for the pic.

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