Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter

I was thinking that the kids were too old to do the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, but it turns out that N was still keen on the idea, and since he was doing it, A said she'd go along for good measure. It's actually become a running joke in our house and perhaps even a family tradition that I do a terrible job of hiding the eggs. I figured that if you make it too hard, the kids won't find them, but clearly I don't give them enough credit. So, each year I put some easy ones out just to fuel the tradition, but also make it a little more challenging each time. It makes it a little more fun and interesting, and I'm all for that.

This year there was an added complication of my working Sunday brunch at the Inn. As I've mentioned, things are slow and work hasn't been that readily available, so when this opportunity came up I talked it over with mom and decided it would be okay. I put the eggs out in the yard in the early AM and headed off for work. The plan was for the kids to hunt for eggs, hang out and relax, and then make Easter bread. I was slated to work until the early afternoon.

Work was fine, the Inn was packed and sold out but the crowd was manageable. I think the brunch crowd is more relaxed and congenial, and the day was very pleasant. I didn't get to gather leftover goodies because I wasn't actually working with the food, and we aren't supposed to imbibe in the vittles until all the guests have finished and departed. My shift ended while there were still guests dining, and while I could have hung out and waited for everyone to leave, I wanted to get home and hang with the family.

When I did get home, mom and A had left for rehearsal, which I thought was strange because it was Easter. I was also disappointed because I figured I'd missed out on the whole day with the family and wanted to have Easter supper together. Well, as it turns out, there wasn't rehearsal after all. The girls came home early and we were able to have a nice Easter supper together. I love when that happens.

It was a nice day. I got to get some employment in (at the Inn), the kids got lots of Easter chocolate, and we got to dine together as a family. My kind of Easter.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to s_bistono for the pic.

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