Friday, August 29, 2008

Cape Cod-Day 2-Finding our Rhythm

I saw a rabbit in the backyard and a large coyote crossing the street out front this morning. It's funny because the owner, Kathy, was telling us that you can see deer now and then in the backyard and being the jaded Vermonters we thought, big fat hairy deal, but in the end, I still get excited seeing wild animals. Even frogs and hermit crabs get me excited, and the kids love it.

Anyway, it's Tuesday, and we've established a fun routine thus far that works out very nicely, and of course it involves no TV. Setting precedents, I can't overstate their importance. We've been lucky with the weather, though, which has enabled us to pull this off. We wake up and take out time in the AM, having breakfast and lounging around or reading. Audrey and Nicholas explore the house or play games or go outside and play. We have breakfast on the balcony in back, and it's a lot of fun. Afterward, we brush teeth and hit the rail trail, which is about half a block away. Audrey and Nicholas ride their bikes and Ruth and I Rollerblade. It's a lot of fun, we take our time, and just cruise. We do about a four-five mile loop, and then head back home for lunch and relaxation, of course on the back deck.

By early afternoon we are ready for our next adventure, so we pack up the car and head to the beach, avoiding the scorching midday sun. We have two options for the beach, both of which we've exercised. There are wave beaches and bay beaches, and since we are cruising into the afternoon hours, they tend to be less crowded. The bay beaches are more calm and serene, and Audrey and Nicholas love them for exploring and wading in the water, which is not unlike a pond. There are fish and tons of crabs, which they love to catch. In Boat Meadow it's cool because at low tide the boats are stranded on the bottom and look like shipwrecks. You can walk right up to them, and when the tide comes in it's once again like a bay.

Since the water is so calm, the kids can actually swim, though they don't go out very far. And the bay faces the west so you get beautiful sunsets where you can actually see the sun touch the horizon. It's lovely, and not a common sight in Vermont, though it does remind me of life in California.

The wave beaches are, at least in Eastham, along the National Sea Shore, and they tend to be a little busier, though again, by the time we get there things have cleared out a little. There tend to be more sufers, though the waves are not very good. Audrey and Nicholas do like playing in the waves, it's a lot of fun for them, and more of what I remember as a child growing up in California. It really doesn't take much, and it's a load of fun.

By the time it gets dark, it's time for us to head home, and because of this we've been eating dinner on the late side, but that's okay. It's vacation, after all. We have especially enjoyed eating barbeque out on the deck. Sure, we get bit a lot by bugs, but it's so nice out there, and you can't beat grilled food.

I don't know Cape Cod, but I get a sense that the farther out you go, the more desolate and exclusive it gets, with the exception of Provincetown. When you go more inland, it gets more urban-like and neighborhoody, but I could be wrong. The point is, I like Eastham, and would like to check out more, but for some reason like being on the Outer Cape, even if it's just the beginning of it.

Sleep has been coming extremely easy for everyone, and it is a good sign that we are having full days and lots of fun. I've found that I'm aspiring to new and exciting things in life since being here, but we'll see where that goes.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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