Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cape Cod Prep-Food and Gear

One of the pitfalls of going on a road trip is the irresistible temptation to bring as much as you can carry, and with our newly acquired Thule racks, we were set up to carry a lot. And a lot we did carry. First off was the food. We don't eat out a lot, in fact, we used to eat out a lot more, but in order to save some dough we cook most of our food, but it goes beyond economics. We are simply big fans of fresh fruits and veggies, things you don't really get at restaurants. I'm shocked at how little they give you in terms of those things, but I'm guessing they're simply catering to the demands of the public.

With this in mind, we packed tons of fruit, veggies, and meat and intended to cook most of our meals. This is great in theory, but it sure takes up a lot of space in the car, but fortunately we had out Thule. We love those racks. We also packed a multitude of condiments since we hate buying the stuff, using it once, and then leaving it. The gist of our plan was to bring back much less food than we took with us, which is reasonable.

In terms of gear, I realize we are a much smaller operation than most people, but even still, we were taking our bikes with us, which quite an undertaking. We also had tennis rackets, roller blades, computer, movies, books, and music. I guess in the end, it really isn't so bad, and we've made good use of all of them, so no complaints on that end.

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