Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hitting the Road

We left for the Cape on Sunday, the excitement was palpable. The kids were thrilled at the idea of travelling, even though we had just returned from a couple of days in Franconia. We're glad the kids love to travel and see the world as a much bigger place than just their backyard. They do very well on long car trips, without the use of DVD players, which I find ludicrous and unnecessary, but do have some degree of empathy for.

I had a lot of anxiety about driving with our car in its current state, with two major concerns on my mind. First, there was so much stuff on our car that I assumed that it would be too heavy to move, or at the very least, top forty mph on the highway. Secondly, I naturally assumed that both the pod and the bike rack would go flying onto the road once we started driving.

And of course, none of that happened. Not even close.

In fact, there were moments when I thought the roof pod actually made the car faster, but realize the ludicrousness of such a concept. We did the slow drive to the highway, stopped at Mikes to get gas and check the air. One of the few gas stations I've seen in recent memory that actually gives you free access to air, it's just that you have to drive to the garage and he brings the hose out to you. Just FYI, we introduced ourselves since we're now neighbors, and he was a super nice guy.

Once on the highway, we headed south for the Cape. The first time we hit sixty, I told R and the kids to keep an eye on the roof and the back to make sure nothing goes flying, and I was aware of every unfamiliar sound and vibration for the next fifty miles. The funny thing about racks, they seem to vibrate and jiggle when you drive. I remember the same experience when I used to surf, the boards always wiggle when you drive. A little disconcerting.

Well, by the time we were in MA, I was much more at ease and was once again able to enjoy the ride. It was a beautiful day, the kids were excited and having fun in the back, and we were heading off for our Cape Cod vacation.

Just a note, I'm aware of how cliche it is to spend a week in the Cape, much like the Hamptons are to New Yorkers, but for all it's worth, the Cape is a great place. The people are cool, for the most part, a lot of out of towners, which is probably a drag for the locals, but it brings in money, and it gets especially obnoxious when the visitors are sophisticated city-folks with the commensurate sense of entitlement. For all it's worth, we see a lot of the same in Vermont, especially being near Quechee.

But it is the beach, and there is surf. You can't beat that, and even though it does get inundated with tourists, including ourselves, there's something quaint and cool about beaches in New England. They still manage to retain some charm.

I'll resume when we get to our cottage, and until then, thanks for reading.

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