Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home Away From Home-Our Cottage

The drive down to Cape Cod is very manageable, depending on where you go. The farther out to the Provincetown you go, the longer, obviously. To make the situation at times unbearable, there is only one road in and out, and needless to say, the traffic can be horrendous. Maybe not as bad as traffic out to the Hamptons, but close.

It's a beautiful drive, though, and something about being close to the ocean makes it all the more acceptable. We are staying in Eastham, which if you look the proverbial bicep diagram of the Cape, we would fall along the beginning of the forearm just after the elbow. Now I know nothing about Cape Cod, and as much as I tell people how much I love it here, I haven't spent sufficient time to really claim with any credibility that I am familiar with the island. Like everyone else, except for the religious right, of course, I love Provincetown, and have camped and even surfed. But spending quality time with the family is a new one.

Either way, our cottage was in Eastham. Now the market for rentals in Cape Cod is huge, a real estate market in and of itself. If you have the money, you can stay pretty much anywhere, and though R did all the legwork, I got a sense of what's out there, and much of it is en par with the Hamptons. But, you can find deals if you have the time. We didn't have the time, and R ended up taking a place that wasn't her first choice, either in amenities, location and price, but time was running out, and she got good vibes from the owner.

And, nobody else was getting back to her.

So here we are, and I must confess that I like Eastham. It's a nice location, at least where we are staying. There were several rentals that R was looking at in the area, and it helps to get a sense of where we are for future reference. And where we are is Eastham.

The Cape seems to be a series of small consecutive townships that run along the outcropping known as Cape Cod. The farther out you go, I sense, the more prestigious it is, but that's the suburbanite in me talking. We are about midway. Now this is probably true of all the towns, but Eastham has a nice mix of Atlantic facing beaches, with waves, and Bay facing beaches, with nice tidepools. More exploration would be necessary to make a formal conclusion, as I'm guessing that it's true everwhere.

We met the owner of the house, Kathy, an incredibly energetic woman who has apparently lived here for fifteen years and feels strongly about how much she loves it. She's very nice and very helpful, offering advice and tips for the area, which has been very helpful because there is so much to know. This place is great.

Now the first thing you notice about this place is that it ain't no cottage. It's a house, and a big one, at that. The house is nestled in a nice neighborhood that is very centrally located near the beach and the bike trail. Kathy is quite gifted in art of conversation and has briefed us on the intricacies of how to get the most of the area, and she answers our questions with the energy of gasoline thrown on fire.

We will explore the area and attempt to establish a rhythm. Until then, thanks for reading.

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