Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looking Ahead

Today is our birthday, mine and R together, and I thought I should at least make an entry for today. In atypical fashion, I believe, we tend to celebrate our birthdays by doing things that would be fun for the kids, and of course, we enjoy it, as well.

I guess that we don’t put so much weight on a single moment or a day, and would rather spend the rest of our lives enjoying each and every moment. It makes life more fulfilling, in the end.

We are off to Franconia for the day, after which we’ll come back and go who knows where. We are potentially slated to go to Cape Cod, so cliché, but the idea of sun and surf is appealing. The weather has not been great, but as long as we can spend time together in peace, free from needy people, we’ll have fun.

It’s been a great summer, though a busy and sometimes rough one, filled with burdens and kids (not ours, of course) who suck the life out of you. Glad it’s over, but now we have to regroup and look towards the fall.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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