Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cape Cod-Day 5-Friday

What a lazy day, we spent it all day inside, almost. The weather was just okay, mostly cloudy with a chance of meatballs. It didn't rain but the gray weather did not inspire us to motivate and get outside, so as a result, we lounged around the house for most of the day. I have to admit to liking it, I kept falling asleep and started to feel pretty lousy. The kids did great, Audrey found a new book to her liking and became absorbed while Nicholas puttered around the house, eventually settling into an overly ambitious puzzle at 300 pieces. Nonetheless, we got it started and eventually everyone jumped into the fray. I generally don't have the patience nor the mental fortitude to finish these things, but it's fun when we all get into something.

By late afternoon, with no rain and some glimpses of the sun, we finally decided that the time had come to get outside, so we put on our blades, the kids donned their helmets and we hit the rail trail. It must have been about three o'clock by the time we got outside. As usual, it was a blast. You don't think about it, but for Nicholas it ain't easy keeping up. He has a small bike and he's only four, but he kept up and worked so hard at riding along. I saw kids much older than him that weren't even pedaling on their own, choosing to ride on a hitch, instead. He should be proud of what he's doing, and we're sure to let him know it.

After the ride, we decided that the beach was in order, but not before picking up some dinner. Vowing never to eat at a place like the awful Lobster Shanty again, which I found to my utter disbelief was voted the #1 family restaurant in the area, a fact that I think is not only impossible to fathom, but is a conspiracy in and of itself, we wanted to grill some fish. And fish that was caught in Cape Cod waters, no less.

As you can imagine there is no shortage of fresh fish shops on the Cape, so naturally we were overwhelmed with our choices. So we took the easy way out and stopped at the first one we came to, which was about a mile away in Rock Harbor, I believe. Wherever it was, it was called Young's Fresh Fish and the two people behind the counter were an elderly couple, I think they were a couple, it just seeemed that way, who might have even been the owners. They were very nice and gave us some advice on a good fish to BBQ. Then again, she said that you generally eat half a pound per adult, which is way too much and more in line with the fat American serving.

We bought a pound filet of halibut for all four of us, a new area for us to cook in, and then some scallops, which Audrey and Ruth love. I was tempted to get some shrimp, also an Audrey and Ruth favorite, but decided that we had enough.

Then it was off to the beach. The question was, which beach? We like the wave beaches, we decided, and Audrey had her first taste of body surfing, so we set off for the Atlantic side and Nauset Beach. We concluded that it was now our favorite, though we like Coast Guard beach, but it's harder to get to.

The waves were decent and the wind was cold, but Audrey and Nicholas seem impervious to the elements, unlike their mom and dad. So while we bundled up and watched the surfers the kids played in the sand. There were quite few surfers out there, and there were decent sets rolling in. It really got me pumped on surfing, and Ruth even sent out some positive vibes about it, but that's for another time. Perhaps when we get our Cape Cod cottage, something to work towards.

By the time the sun was setting on the horizon, Audrey and Nicholas had decided that it was time to swim, much to our chagrin, but how can you deny them the fun? So they got all wet, and I had to oversee them and got wet, as well. But man did they have fun. They really love the beach and we regret that they can't spend more time there. Maybe someday soon in the future.

Like I said, something to work towards.

We left around 6:30, wet and cold. A steady stream of surfers was arriving as the swell picked up and was breaking pretty clean. I was intrigued by it all and will have surfing on my mind for the next year until we make it to the beach again.

Back at our flat, the kids had a bath and we grilled the fish and scallops and had a feast. Ruth made a killer yogurt/cucumber sauce and we warmed up some naan and had sweet potatoes, scallops, halibut and string beans. It was a most memorable meal, and for that matter, day, especially in lieu of the fact that it started so late.

Once the kids were in bed, I went to the Stop and Shop to get some final supplies, and was struck by the fact that 90% of the people working there were Russian. Very reminiscent of Martha's Vineyard, funny how that works.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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