Monday, March 2, 2009

Coming Back to Haunt Us

We were on the verge of heading to New York City this weekend when a big monkey wrench fell on our heads-the broken baseboard pipe that we so conveniently forgot about means that we can't go away when it's cold because we can't leave the heat on. Not only will the cats freeze, but because it's so cold outside, if a certain temp is not maintained, the pipes will freeze again and burst. So we canceled our plans, and put our minds to fixing that pipe.

Now I know I've been spouting off on being Mr. DIY, but some things you just can't mess around with, especially electrical and plumbing. Somehow water just does horrible things to your house, and yet your life depends on it flowing.

We did come up with a plan, however, and because it's something that is serious and precludes any messing around (i.e., I sure as heck can't do this on my own), we went with somebody we knew and could trust, Boland Custom Home Improvement. Besides being our friend, KB is damn good at what he does, and you know it'll get done right. That's important when it comes to your home.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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