Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting Things Done and Kielbasa

So much for vegan eating-we're having kielbasa for supper, but at least it's organic and nitrate-free. We slice it and simmer it in maple syrup and it's killer! Throw in some broccoli and cauliflower, lentil soup, and fresh whole grain bread, and we don't feel as guilty eating all that meat.

We bailed out on skiing yesterday because it was brought to my attention that while we were out having fun on the slopes, various projects were laying dormant around the house, having been completely abandoned by yours truly. What was I to do?

So, in the spirit of due diligence, I stained the massive bookcase that I'd made for the study, and actually got it done by the end of the day. Like everything I put off in life, actually doing it was not as bad as I'd made it out to be, and I felt good about even just getting it started. Today I'll shoot for putting on the finish, and it's conceivable that by the end of the week, the shelves will be ready to use. We just might be able to unpack all those boxes of books that litter the floor.

Just wanted to mention that I'm using a soy-based stain and finish from a company called Ecoprocote. It's nice because it's sustainable, non-toxic, low in fumes, and has in the past worked well for us. Call me a dork, but with the kids in such close proximity, it means a lot to me to reduce the toxic presence in our lives, even if the professional contractors in our lives have never heard of the stuff. Not yet, at least.

Sometimes, you've just got to do it. Now if I can only apply this to teaching history, I might get somewhere. Oh well, I'll find the answers, and you can't have it all.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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