Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fixing My Glasses, Sitting on My Responsibilities, and Another Chance to Ski

I broke my glasses a few months back shoveling snow, then proceeded to break my backup pair in the cold, which forced me to buy a new pair. I still had the broken ones and since they were plastic figured I could fix them and have more backup pairs, but for whatever reason just didn't deal with it, even though it was eating away at me. You see, I really liked my old pair and was really bummed to have broken them. My son had found the broken piece and it seemed simple to repair, just use some industrial strength glue (I use CA+, which literally melts and re-polymerizes the plastic-nasty stuff). I just knew that if I screwed it up, the glasses were history, and maybe that's what held me back.

Either way, I finally fixed them, and just popped the lens back in and voila! Back in business. Yet another example of something I put off for fear of screwing it up, and once it was done, I asked the old question, why didn't I do that sooner? It also highlights the fact that sometimes we operate on the margin and it really is good to have a backup plan, or in this case, a backup pair of glasses.

I have been sitting on my behind in terms of dealing with the state requires for our kids, but I'm confident that I'll get it done before the month is over. Yeah, right. Things are getting a little busier, I'm blogging a lot and have some minor gigs that earn peanuts, but I love peanuts, so it could be a lot worse. And I really enjoy writing the things I'm writing, so you have to look at the positives.

I did manage to send out a query to a pub, and of course got complacent and did what I always say an aspiring writer should never do, which is sit back and wait to hear from them, because often you never end up hearing back from them. It simply highlights the fact that I need to keep my feet moving and not put my eggs in one basket.

We might get yet another chance to ski today, but we'll see. I've been told the season goes to the end of the month, so this truly could be our last hurrah, but I've said that before.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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