Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hanging With Family and Last Minute Vegan Meals

We went for a wonderful walk yesterday in the late afternoon. Normally our plan is to get to Hanover and spend some time at the library and get some things done at the Coop and at work, but there was nothing pressing, and the kids were having fun playing in the mud, so we didn't want to disrupt their groove. By the time they came in and had a bath to wash off all that mud, it wasn't really worth the trip, so instead we just went for a walk up the hill. Spontaneity at its best, and was it ever a nice time.

We saw several of our neighbors and checked out one of the many local ponds, which are great for checking out frogs and salamanders. At the top of the hill, the view was fantastic, and we got to ride on the back of our neighbor, EB's, tractor. What a nice end to the day.

Unfortunately, by the time we got home, we had to make dinner, and it was late. We had to whip something together quickly because everyone was hungry, so went with our standby emergency meal. Vegan black bean burgers. We get them frozen at the Coop, the only place that seems to carry the black bean ones, and they are killer. Just a quick fry up in olive oil, steamed some string beans, and broil some sliced sweet potato, and voila! A complete, healthy meal with no meat and the multiple colors you want in your veggies. It's a winner in our house.

It's nice meeting up to the challenge of eating healthy, even in a pinch. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to rolve for the pic

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