Monday, March 9, 2009

Taiko Drums and the Hopkins Matinee Series

We went to see the San Jose Taiko Drummers as part of the Matinee Series at the Hop. I didn't realize, though I should have, that they are the San Jose players because they are from San Jose, California. Duh! Anyway, I just wanted to give a big hand to the organizers of the YES series, they do such a fantastic job, and the Taiko drummers were another example of that. What a great show.

I have to confess, I didn't have huge expectations. I figured, how much fun can a bunch of drums be? Well, a lot, actually. They put on a great show, they are first-rate players, and they know how to perform. Not too long, a good flow and energy, and a very nice presentation. They knew not to play for too long as to lose the audiences attention, yet the performances were so well done. The movement that was incorporated with the playing really added a different and dramatic dimension.

They took the time to explain a lot of the history and meaning surrounding the drums, so it was very informative, as well. The weather was crazy so a lot of school groups canceled, leaving the theater to a small group of us, including a lot of homeschoolers. Because of that, A got was chosen to go up onstage to play, and she had a blast.

It was also very interesting how a lot of the philosophies behind Taiko drumming are shared by karate. Kind of cool, actually.

The Mack's were supposed to be there, according to MP, but they never showed.

We never ended up skiing after the show, it was snowing too much. We had lunch at Lou's, our old hangout, and I had to get to Borders to get some things. I'd still like to ski, but I'll leave it for the kids to decide. It's late and I'm beat, gotta get some sleep so I can blog and write query letters.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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