Sunday, March 8, 2009

Extracurriculars and Biting Off Too Much?

We finally got our bowling fix today, and man was it crowded at the bowling alley. We managed to score a lane next to a bunch of rowdy teenagers, and they might have been aware of our presence because the language wasn't too bad, but there was clearly love in the air, and I had to stop myself from asking them to get a hotel room. Just for the record, everyone in our group bowled a strike, and N even had two! Loads of fun, and we saw O&G, not to mention some other friends.

Now that bowling has been addressed, I was thinking of trying to go skiing this week. The idea was broached by a friend, but I haven't heard from him, and am not sure what the plan is. I know I said that it was time to pack it in, but can't seem to accept this fact. Can you say denial?

We have a Hop show, as well, so we'll be busy, and am wondering if skiing is biting off more than I can chew. Furthermore, there is the distinct possibility that the kids won't even want to ski, though I somehow (hopefully) doubt that. If we could pull off Whaleback, they do have a great deal, but maybe life would just be a lot simpler if we just had Chinese food for lunch after the show and then went home. Maybe stop by the chainsaw store and have another look.

I also have to write up a query/pitch, and continue writing for WB, PS, and HH. Also may have found a gig with another site (they pay peanuts), and still have my non-profit stuff to do, not to mention my website, and I know my sensei is going to make me perform a bo kata tomorrow night.

How do I get into these things? My feeling is that homeschooling might take a hit tomorrow, but it's only one day, right? Until then, thanks for reading.

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