Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lessons in Being Adventuresome, Car Troubles, and Spring

The weather has been unusually warm, and not wanting to be a whiner, but also not being able to help it, it's too darn warm. And I'm from California. According the bank thermometer in Lebanon, it was hovering around 93 degrees yesterday, which must be some sort of record. I no-likey. Too hot for my New England-ish bones. Either way, it was beautiful, and once the sun began it's descent, it cooled off and was actually lovely, but the heat might portend a brutal summer. We shall see.

We're having car issues, and it's one of the top ten things that bums me out. Especially out here, you really need your car. What to do, what to do. I'm hoping Bob's can take us on Monday and then we'll make do. I don't want to think of the expense, though I did find my receipts for possible liable parties, so that's a plus. Car troubles are such a bummer, especially when you only have one.

We were at DHMC yesterday and after dropping Ruth off, we hit the Coop and then the library (Return of the Jedi came in) before checking out the DHMC playground. The weather was so nice, we had to check it out. After playing on the jungle gym (a nice one, cedar instead of plastic), there was a huge boulder that the kids wanted to play on. It was about six feet high and had fairly sheer faces, but not so bad that we couldn't climb it. N had some trouble, however, and he tried about two dozen times with no luck, though he was close. We encouraged him to keep trying, and he didn't want our help. It probably inspired him that his older sister pulled it off, so he kept at it. Mom showed up and it was time to go, but I really wanted to stay to give him ample time to try. He said he wanted to give it one last go, and he ran and scaled the rock in one smooth motion. I was so stoked, it was so cool, and we celebrated in grand fashion there on the playground. He was beaming, as were we, and it was a great way to end the day.

Then it was off to Boloco to feast. I love that place, but I have to confess, I'm not as patient with the kids who congregate there. For a number of reason, I'm sure, Boloco is a hangout for high school kids, which is fine, they need a place that's cool, hip, and affordable to go. But something about these bored, rich Hanover kids makes me wary, though only with our kids. I'm sure these HS kids are fine and well mannered, but like all of us, everything changes once you're in a group, and they tend to be loud and a bit obnoxious, and speak of of inappropriate things using inappropriate language. I realize they're just kids, and that I was even more obnoxious when I was in high school, but I just feel defensive when our kids are around and try to avoid the hs crowd. Such is life. We still had an enjoyable meal, though mom and A complained of tummy aches.

And then, of course, we had car trouble, though we made it home, taking the scenic route on street level rather than the highway. Have to call Bob's on Monday.

At the Coop, our kids encouraged me to be more adventurous, something we always promote to them. We were getting vitamin C powder and I was ready to get the usual (orange or raspberry), and the kids complained that we ALWAYS get those flavors. So we got a little crazy and went with something completely alien to me. Achai berry, whatever that is. I love it when my kids remind me what life is all about, which they do every day.

Today I'm hoping to cut some wood, though it's supposed to pour. We shall see. Until then, thanks for reading.

BTW, Rob sent me his rough draft for my homepage. Looking good, and maybe soon I'll be legit.

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