Friday, April 17, 2009

MIA and Catching Up

I've fallen into that pit of despair known as falling behind. Excuse me for my absence but I haven't been blogging because I'm busy trying to make peanuts writing for other places. Then again, there's always time to blog, right? Not unlike the relative (in this case, my loser brother) or friend who apologizes for not returning your messages over the past year because he's been too busy.

Yeah, right.

Either way, I've been writing for four different blog sites, aspiring to get a piece done every day. It ain't easy, and I find myself writing constantly. It really reminds me of having a job, you get up, work, and then keep working. What makes it hard is that I've got so much other stuff to take care of, especially on the home front. Besides watching over the kids, there is a ton of stuff to be done on the house and the yard. And there's our massive social life, which is really draining me.

Actually, it's not too bad, but we've been busy with friends, and now I may have to bail out on HS tennis because we're not feeling well and it's a bit of a trek. So sorry about that.

On the home front, we've been doing well. A has really taken to the guitar, I think she's overcome the pain threshold and can do her chords. And best of all, she's motivated, or should I say, inspired. In fact, I'm wondering if we should at some point ditch the open-G tuning and play in a normal way, but I'll adhere to the program, for now, because it's worked. We've now got four chords in our repertoire, enough to play Country Roads, which she belted out yesterday and it brought a tear to my eye. It was so friggin cool, I couldn't believe it. Lessons are slated to end in two weeks, so I think I can take over at that point and we can learn together. It will inspire me to pick up my guitar more, as well.

N has not been so keen on the strings, and has alluded to wanting to play drums. I was resistant at first, but R thinks it would be a good fit, and it if speaks to him, then we're all for it.

We went to G&T's house yesterday and as always, had a great time. I think of GS as one of my mentors and enjoy just hanging out and talking to him. He's so knowledgeable and wants to help in any way he can, which is a good thing for someone like me who needs loads of help.

We've seen CB a lot, and that's been great. With the warm weather it's been a lot of fun playing outside.

Tonight is contradance, so we'll see how that goes.

I went to the school the other day to get some info on standardized tests and to check in with the superintendent.

We had a great Easter and had an egg hunt and made Easter Bread.

GOT MY CHAINSAW. Time to be a real man.

I have been writing like a mad man.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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