Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great Weather, Transition Towns, Library, Fogg's, and Guitar

Did I mention that the weather has been stellar, and yet another reminder of how lucky we are to be living here? Just how I like it, cool and clear, with lots of puffy white clouds. We've been getting just enough rain to keep things green without making it exceedingly dreary and depressing. And it hasn't been too hot, though I've been told that this weather is closer to being normal than that hot spell we had a few weeks back.

We are back to having one car because my mentor #1 took the truck back, as we were expecting. He is on his way back to the area for the summer season and his business will kick back into gear, so we knew at some point the truck would have to go, but either way, it's sad to say goodbye to it. Also, having one car makes life a challenge, but not impossible. It does inspire us to get another car, though, and that's something we'll keep in our minds. I will say this - we had our brakes replaced by Bob's and the car runs so much better. I am so through with Midas in W. Leb, not only did they do a terrible job of changing our breaks (I had to go in to have them redone), but the car never really ran the same, and we had persistent noise in the front wheels. When Bob's did it, it runs so much better. Again, don't go to Midas. Plus, they charge a lot more, and tried to scam me on service before I declined it.

Now that we have one car, we have had to do the tag-team thing, with R coming home and working here so we can be mobile. Even though we knew GL would take the truck back, it was sooner than we thought, so we've had to scramble a bit. There was a lot to be taken care of, and we managed to squeeze it all in. I had to go to drop A off at guitar, N decided he's through, go to Fogg's, stop at Stern's, then to the library and finally the Coop. All within five hours before N's t-ball practice, where I'm a coach, if you can believe that.

I'd got some exterior stain for the house about six months ago and like a fool never checked the color to see it was right. Well, I was going to paint a couple of days ago and opened the can and would you believe it? The color was all wrong. I was so bummed, and I got it in September, so I wasn't sure I could get it changed. The plan was as follows-since N decided he no longer wanted to attend guitar practice, I figured I'd drop A off and during the lesson I'd have plenty of time to hop on over to Fogg's, where I could consult with my assistant mentor, Rhett. Once we got there, however, it became a bit of a complicated situation.

Mind you, they were very cool and had every intention of replacing the stain no charge, but he wanted to first see if he could fix the faulty can first. After mixing it and checking it, he was very meticulous and thorough, he decided the stain was not redeemable and said he'd mix up a new can for me. Nice guys, but it took longer than I'd anticipated so we had to jet back to get A after her lesson. I abhor the idea of her being all by herself waiting for me, the stuff that gives me nightmares. We picked her up (they're learning standard tuning now) and we had to go back to Fogg's to get my stain, but not before stopping at Stern's to get more strawberries and honey. They were out of blackberries (total bummer) but we'll make due.

One quick note-because we are no longer driving my mentor's truck, we can eat in the car. It was a problem before because I didn't want to mess up his truck, so eating was out. This complicated situations of lunchtime because it forced us to stop and sit somewhere to eat, which is a huge burden of time. Having a bite in transit is not ideal, but makes certain activities during midday more plausible. Anyway, we had lunch in the car.

After getting my stain, it was off to the Coop to get some more vittles and a roast chicken for dinner. Went to the Hanover one, which is smaller and perhaps not as well stocked, but cozier somehow. Had a few more feel good scores-kettle corn was on sale, and we got a killer piece of salmon that we can make into two meals. I love when that happens. They were out of chickens when we got there, I was so bummed, but the dude brought the new ones out just as I had lost hope. Good vibes there.

Next it was onto the Howe Library where we had some more good scores. Got the next Star Wars (#1, Phantom Menace, which I personally thought totally SUCKED!) for the kids, as well as the latest big kid's lit phenomenom by Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian. I didn't realize this, but this series is a huge hit. At least a half dozen kids were coming up to Denise asking for it, and she said the same thing - it's on hold but you can put your name down. Guess why it was on hold; because they were holding it for us. Our time had come, and A got to read it. Good to see what age kids are looking for it, and for the most part, it was 5th and 6th graders. It is, after all, a NY Times bestseller.

Unloaded about 75 books and got about 75 more, saw our buddies the Mack's, though the girls weren't there, but even still, always good to see them, then it was off to home to drop A off with mom and take N to t-ball. A had her killer book, and she got a huge kick out of the librarians commenting on how they knew what she was going to be doing that night-curling up with a good book. She agreed.

Now I know I've mentioned this before, but somehow I've ended up becoming a coach for N's team. It's awkward for me because I'm not good at dispensing instructions, but they're only five and six, after all, and nobody really cares. Even still, all the parents are sitting there watching and I can't help but be self-conscious. Practice was fun, though, the kids are responsive for the most part, and N hit the ball well. In fact, he had great form and was looking good up there. The other coaches even commented that they could see he had been practicing with dad, and of course I was beaming (coyly, of course) with pride. He did look good up there, he had a great stance, good form, and then he belted the ball. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

We had a fitting end to the day by eating a nice supper of roast chicken and string beans and corn on the cob. Spring and summer are here. I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to carve the bird, but boy was it nice to come home to a ready meal. Gotta love family life.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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