Sunday, May 31, 2009

Overcoming Adversity and Rising Above

I was battling some serious stomach flu this week, as were all of us, and it's interesting to note how it affects everyone differently. I have to say, I think I get hit the hardest, though it could simply have a lot to do with my less than resilient constitution, though I'm working on that as part of my real man training.

On Tuesday I was feeling at my worst, and it was our busiest day since we were sick for most of the week, and the weather was nothing but a drag.

It all started in the AM. I woke up feeling inordinately fatigued and tired. I had my usual cup of coffee and it just wasn't doing it's job. Man did I feel tired. And we had so much planned for the day. We had to take mom to work, go to guitar, go to Lebanon Pet Store for fruit flies, go to the library, go to the Coop, and then pick up Mom, drop the girls off at a TT meeting, and then go to T-ball. All the while I'm trying my best to hold it together.

And I still had to make dinner. I have nothing but respect for June Cleaver.

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