Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rec Center, T-Ball, and Crazy Days

The other day we had one of those "I can't believe I survived that one" days. I've been replacing clapboards on the back of the house, where the sun beats down on them (it faces south) and the boards rot and warp. Replacing the boards is just part of the gig, I still had to paint them and replace the corner boards which had rotted. Painting is what takes so much time, and I spent most of the day painting the wood, even though there was much to do.

The weather was beautiful, and of course the kids wanted to eat outside, which is a pain because it takes time to move everything outside. But, it was nice out, and not such a big deal to setup, so we had a picnic. I tried to be convivial but have been sliding back into jerkdom and losing my cool now and then. Slipping back into bad patterns of behavior, not good.

Part of my big problem is I don't have enough time. I get myself into situations where I'm trying to do too much, and it drives me crazy. Because we have been in a lull with CB, we don't see her much these days, I try my best to get as much social interaction as possible. So I had this brilliant notion to go to the rec center and play and let the kids all interact. They did have fun, but it's always different hanging with large groups of schoolkids, especially the ones who seem to have been relegated to after school care because either a single parent has to work or both parents are too busy to watch over them after school. It was a little depressing, and watching and listening to the kids got me a little down. I will say this, a lot of the kids were nice, and they played with our kids, but they were the boys, the girls seem cliquish and a little catty. Either way, not sure where this one will go. It was more fun somehow during the winter.

A has been practicing her guitar and it's so awesome to see I can't even put it into words. They have moved past open-G tuning and are now using standard tuning. Their song repertoire is small but good enough to bring a tear of joy to my eye.

We had t-ball and the coach mentioned that he was going to be away so we "other" coaches would need to fill in. The big moment, and for whatever reason, it scares me a little, but such is the way with bravery. You are scared, but you still act and do the right thing. I know, too much drama and not a big deal, but I'm not good at being in charge, and a bunch of kids gives me anxiety. Coach Roy is a natural with kids, they gravitate to his persona. He's got a knack for it.

Either way, we are ready. Until then, thanks for reading.

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