Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sorry For Being a Flake, So Much to Tell

Wow, I keep trying to keep up with this blog but I've managed to fall into the pit of flaky despair. So sorry for that. There is so much going on, too.

Guitar has been going well, even if N is not so into it, A loves it and she can play several songs already and is keenly interested in learning more. I think we'll keep on going for a few more weeks, even if I think it best to start veering away from open G tuning for now. Did I mention she learned to play Country Roads? We don't practice nearly enough, but we really need to make the time. And even though N might protest, I think we can sneak more lessons in without him even really realizing it.

Today is Green Up Day and we'll do our part cleaning our street. Amazing how much people still litter in this day and age. There seems to be a predominance of McDonald's and Budweiser. Go figure. We also want to head up to Randolph for the Fiddlehead Festival, but that throws my daily routine into question. Have to go to market during the week.

N has started T-ball, and I'm actually helping out coaching, if you can believe it. The kids have a blast, and N may have made some new friends, but as I look around, I think the kids are too young. Most don't have the coordination to really throw and catch a ball, and the situation is ripe for someone to get hurt. In fact, a little girl got bonked in the face and had to leave crying. Nobody even noticed. The kids are hilarious but it's really just chaos, though they seem to be having fun. Some of those kids sure seem big.

Been cutting loads of wood, about halfway through the pile, the garden is tilled and ready, and Spring is in full swing. More later. Until then, thanks for reading.

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